Crime Clinic #3

1951, Approved Comics Inc.

Starts with a one-page black-and-white drawings of humorous cartoons.

The First Round: A powerful newspaper publisher is against a crime clinic which helps men go from prison into regular society once they have served their sentences. Something goes wrong with the clinic, though, and it gets instant major bad publicity. Things turn out not to be how they appear, though.

The Haunting Cure: A prisoner is due to be paroled but gets into a fight. The psychiatrist uses truth serum to find the original of the prisoner's anger and finds it's origins back in World War II.

Public Enemy (text): A guy who seemed to be a really good member of society ended up becoming a crook, teaming with his wife to rob various places.

The Padre in Feet of Clay: Two kids listen to a crook and start to act bad. A padre stops them when they run away from upsetting a fruit cart. They eventually find out that what the padre warns them about is quite real.

The Man Who Wanted to Die: A guy kills his work partner and is sentenced to death in the electric chair. He's obsessed with time, like he's waiting for something to happen to kill someone else.

Fingerprinting a Bullet: One pager about how police can tell what gun a bullet fired a particular bullet.

Hack and Sack: Humorous one pager.

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