Complete Love Magazine #1

April, 1952. Ace Magazines.

Because He Hated Me: An older sister jilted a guy. Rhonda is the girl who jilted the guy, and Gwynth is her sister. She had a crush on the same guy. The guy and Rhonda start dating and decide to get married. The woman, though, is not sure if he really wanted to marry her, or if he married her just to get back at her sister. They get into an argument and Gwynth goes to Hollywood to see her sister, but the guy follows her.

Fair-Weather Love: A girl named Neda is attending a U.S.O. dance. There's a guy who's supposed to be a millionaire and doesn't trust women at all. Neda ends up slapping him after he insults her. It all works out fine, though.

Flight From Scandal: A woman is in films and a guy is in love with her but wants her to do a film in her home city which she had left due to some scandal he doesn't know about. She explains about the scandal to someone she knew. She finds out she's being used by the guy from Hollywood who has been pretending to be in love with her. She finds another man who stands by her and she leave the movies to be with him.

For a More Glamorous You!: Beauty tips (text).

I Want That Man: Leigh is the main character. Both she and her glamorous sister are interested in the same guy. 'Lord help the sister that comes between me and my man.'

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