Crime Illustrated #1

1955, EC Comics.

This is not a panel-type comic; rather, it is a text story with illustrations. They are calling it 'picto-fiction.'

Fall Guy for Murder: Gregg Sanders is a private detective. He's investigating a case where a wife has left her husband. It's complicated by the fact that the woman was engaged to him at one time. A guy figures out how to trick someone into doing a murder for him.

The Sisters: A guy named Ben Wilson sees some guy throw a woman out of an apartment building. A woman wants to find her sister but he finally realizes something is wrong with her (a point which was pretty obvious quite early on.)

Fool's Gold: A young guy hates his uncle. He thinks the guy killed his father. There's also a woman that lives with them and is after his uncle. He gets eaten up by revenge and puts his own neck in a noose, basically.

Farewell to Arms: A guy has just killed a woman named Margaret, and that was after he had killed her son. He planned to get her money but things don't turn out the way he hoped for.

Mother's Day: The story starts with an old woman who has just shot her son Fred. Fred had been jealous of his younger brother. Things go very bad and the ending of the story definitely has a twist.

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