Criminals on the Run v.4 n.3

1948, Premium Comics.

Cole Clues (text): Letters, editorial comments.

Young King Cole-The Case of the Pampered Pooch: A relative has left his money to a dog and, once the dog dies, his nephews. There's a scene which is very similar to the typical ones from Inspector Pierot. It's really interesting how that works out, too.

Homer K. Beagle, The Demon Detective: Beagle is hired to protect an ambassador visiting a town. The rather incompetent guy manages to back into saving the ambassador and finding the gang of would-be assassins.

The Hidden Witness (text): A guy plans to kill his uncle since his uncle is changing his will. A dog and a young boy tip the sheriff who sets up a trap.

Young King Cole (no specific title to the story): He is after a group of smugglers. He takes his group to Sweden and checks out a clock maker's place, finding the gang. He makes excellent advance preparations and that's what saves him later.

Trail of Salt (text): A rather clever smuggler's method of hiding his stolen goods is found out.

Dr. Drew, the Zoo Man-The Pink Elephant Murders: A guy named Philip tries to beat up on a woman while the police are at the house checking out how a valet was murdered. He and another guy plan a murder using animals and a secret package, but Dr. Drew is able to foil their efforts.

Jolly Jokes and Corn: These are one or two panel jokes and there are several pages of them scattered throughout the issue.

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