Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows #2

January, 1958. This is NOT based on the television show Dark Shadows. Steinway Comic Publications.

Long Live Good King Charles: The story starts off with the beheading of King Charles by orders of Oliver Cromwell. A group of men who still supported Charles manage to stage a riot and escape with the former king's crown. Then it's stolen by some thieves. Eventually another guy ends up with it, hides it, and dies of illness before he can tell anyone where it is.

Hexes: Causes and Cures. A guy cheats people at his store and hexes them when he complains, or so he believes.

The Man With Two Heads. A soldier behaves as if he were a schizophrenic.

Don't Be a Stumbling Spook. A humor story about ghosts who aren't succeeding at scaring people. A woman holds classes to help them, but things don't turn out well. v

Showdown: A thoroughly unsatisfactory story.


Dark Shadows #3

This is NOT a comic based on the television series. May, 1958. Steinway Comic Publications.

Exactly What You Ordered: A guy's wife is working on something to change his personality. She makes a key to change his personality and it seems to work until the key goes missing.

Freddie and his Friends: A one page sort of humorous story.

The Racket that Failed: A thug forces a small store owner to engage in a gambling type thing. When the owner tells him he no longer wants to do that the thug beats the owner up. The cops set up a sting and catch the creep.

Long Live the King: (text story) A story about a high school romance.

Headline Heroine: This is about a woman named Nellie Bly, 'America's first great newspaperwoman.' this one is really very interesting.

The Bigger They Come: Two guys work at a carnival until it burns down. They end up selling a tonic which they think is fake to cause people to grow. They keep doing that, thinking it's a fake, and then find out they were wrong all along.

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