Dark Shadows (TV series)

This is a series based on the television show. The covers are quite good, and the stories are pretty good also, although Barnabas does not use his vampire biting abilities.

Dark Shadows #1

1968, Western Publishing Company.

Neat cover and neat inside front cover.

The Vampire's Prey: The story says an innocent girl was hung for witchcraft and Barnabas killed the man who was responsible for that, only in turn to be cursed by a witch to become a vampire. Some distant relative of Trask, the guy Barnabas killed, is coming to Collinsport to research his ancestor. Angelique is also in the story.

There are two guys and a girl. Barnabas keeps trying to attack the girl and keeps getting scared off. One of the boys is killed and as a ghost wants to expose Barnabas' secret. Angelique wants to make sure Barnabas doesn't get caught as she wants to determine his fate herself.

Epilogue: Elizabeth Collins seems to be the target of poltergeist activity. It's the spirit of the boy who was killed but Angelique finds a way to deal with him.

There are a couple of pages of pinups.

The whole thing is quite good.


Dark Shadows #2

1969, Western Publishing Company.

The Fire of Darkness: Angelique again with her anti-Barnabas torturing. She causes a fire in the library at Collinwood. The fire inspector believes someone has been murdered and the fire was to cover up the murder. There is something odd, going on, though, in the comics. Barnabas plans to kill someone, he captures them and then he never bites them for one reason or another. Granted, this is only the second issue, but Barnabas is turning out to be a fairly incompetent vampire.

An old hermit goes after Barnabas saying he saw what really happened. Things manage to get worked out without anyone dying.

There's a page of monster drawings by readers. There's also a text page of jokes.


Dark Shadows #3

1969, Western Publishing Company

The inside front cover has some neat photos.

Return for Revenge is the name of the story. Some spirit named Setauket has returned from death. Somehow he manages to change into a physical form with clothes from today's world rather than from his own time. It quickly becomes obvious he has intentions to hurt members of the Collins family. Barnabas realizes who is trying to kill Roger and goes into the past to find out more.

He finds an ancestor that disowns his son because he is a thief. Barnabas finds the source of the reason that Setauket is trying to kill Roger. He goes to the past and then returns to the present.

There's a page with a good black-and-white photo and the back cover is also quite good. The story in this issue is the best done of the entire series so far. (Even if Barnabas is still on his streak of not biting anyone.)

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