Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett #1

1955, Charlton Comics Group.

Indian Attack: It's 1811 and Andrew Jackson has sent for Davy to help him with an Indian problem. In the end 700 Indians are killed and 200 taken prisoner.

The Fight on Gideon's Creek: In this story it's 1800 and Davy is a youth. It's a story that makes no sense at all. Some furs are taken by Indians, Davy trails them, sees one is a young boy who is terribly cold, he tricks the Indians out of their furs, they follow him, there's a fight with guns, and in the end Davy helps the boy and gives him the furs.

This doesn't make any sense. If he saw that the boy was basically freezing, then why not let him keep the furs in the first place? This would have avoided the fight, with various Indians being shot or killed.

Lobo Terrror, a Red Roan story: A story about a herd of horses, wolves, and humans looking for a new home.

Big Bow and Little Arrow in The Paper Picker: Typical stereotype of Indians being rather stupid.

Davy Crockett Casts his Vote: Davy helps overcome a crooked guy running for sheriff.

An Unsung Hero: The Story of Johnny Appleseed: The story of the man who planted numerous apple trees from Indiana through back to Boston.


Davy Crockett #2

1955, Charlton Comics.

War with the Redskins: Davy is working with General Jackson to scout out the location of unfriendly Indians. Jackson arranges for Davy to become a colonel in the militia. When he gets home someone wants him to run for office but Davy says no.

The Pennsylvania Rifle: Davy realizes the gun he is using is not as good as a new one being made in Pennsylvania so he walks there and earns money by hunting to pay for the new rifle. He ends up taking on a braggart in wrestling and shooting and Davy wins both matches.

Powder Horn (text): This story is about both Davy and his son helping some people in covered wagons deal with bandits.

Famous Battles of History (factual): Custer and Sitting Bull are featured on this page.

Ben Norton-Trail Blazer: He helps out a tribe that is close to starvation, and at the same time catches a lying brave of the other tribe that has been behind all the trouble.

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