Dizzy Dames

Dizzy Dames #1


This is a comic that would get a lot of women's liberation people very angry. Parts of it are really funny, and parts are definitely sexist.

Broadway Babes. A woman who takes hats and cloaks gets angry with a guy that gives her only a tiny tip and she gets her revenge. There's a couple of female performers who are nasty to the girl and her friend. They pull a trick on the two rather nasty female performers in order to get their own act on the stage. Things don't turn out quite as the pair expected them too, though.

Knothead Nellie. A story about a hungry and homely woman who can't get a job.

Moronica. She gets involved in a person-on-the-street type of TV thing and ends up causing a riot to break out. They she does the same thing on the other end of the town. It's really quite a funny story.

Love Dizzy. A text story. A woman has a crush on her boss and goes somewhat too far in trying to get his attention. She ends up fired, but gets another job and another crush.

Man-Hunting Millie of Delta Pu. Minnie is not good looking at all. She also wants a man desperately. Things don't work out.

Dee Licious. A woman wants to keep her figure in shape so she gets a bicycle, gets yelled out by a cop, then gets a horse, gets yelled at by a cop, but comes up with an excuse.


Dizzy Dames #2

1952. American Comics Group.

Broadway Babes: Denny and Dotty are behind on the rent. They don't have it and they get kicked out. They stiff a cabby and end up messing up a Rockettes routine.

Kitty's Cat: A girl is on the bus with her cat, but it's not a cat, it's a skunk. She insists it's a cat.

Goofie Gertie: A very humorous story.

Man-Huntin' Minnie: typical Minnie and her attempt to get her a husband, or at least a boyfriend.

Brief but Beautiful: (text story). A cute story about a woman, a swimsuit, a fur coat and a buyer.

Moronica: Morinca gets a job as a secretary. Have pity on her boss.

Buttons: A principal wants to get rid of a cactus. Buttons has to take it from person to person since each one hates it.


Dizzy Dames #3

1952, American Comics Group.

Morinica, Miss Nit-Wit of 1953: Moronica gets fired from yet another job. Moronica gets a job as a gardener and, as usual, totally fouls up every single thing.

Looney Lucy: Very funny about a really, really, really stupid girl.

Special Escort: (text)- Rather funny story about a girl who needs an escort for a dance.

Broadway Babes: Two totally incompetent girls are looking for a start on Broadway. They make a start, and a finish just as quickly.

Doris: A woman uses an axe to open her suitcase to get to the key.

Itsy-Bitsie-Tootsies: (text)- A woman buys a pair of shoes.

Screwball Sal: No one will take her to the school dance so she rents a gorilla.

Pepper: Not actually funny.

Daffy Damsels: The story of a pretty girl and an ugly one.


Dizzy Dames #4

1953, American Comics Group.

Broadway Babes: The two girls are, as always, trying to get into show business. They end up performing in a barn, messing everything up and then getting an offer to perform which they turn down. They don't like a certain cow.

Daffy Dotty: Really dumb.

Moronica: Hilarious story with Moronica accidentally getting a job looking out for an old man who is almost, but not quite, as strange as she is.

Just a Home Girl (text): This is a really cute story about a not-so-bright girl working in an office and how she helps her boss to handle a visit from his higher-up.

Screwball Sal: A hilarious story about a dizzy girl named Sal getting fired from a job and then trying to open an account at a bank with her face.

Batty Beatrice: She's working in a clothing department at a store. Actually, she's not really working there. Quite funny.


Dizzy Dames #5

1953, American Comics Group.

Mornica: An organ-grinder, a monkey, a nasty apartment landlady and Moronica. What kind of stranger combination can you get than that? Really funny in a very stupid way.

Little Dope (text): A girl in a chorus line doesn't know how to dance, but it seems she knows how to get an acting part.

Knothead Nancy: She sees an Uncle Sam Wants You sign and goes to an Army recruiting station, thinking her uncle is there. By the end of the hijinks, some nice men have come to take her away for a nice, long rest.

Broadway Babes: Again, it's the pair of women who are always trying to get into Broadway even though they have no talent at all except for causing problems for everyone. This time they sneak into the stage taking the place of an acrobatic team. As usual, everything gets wildly messed up, the audience loves it, but they decide not to continue the act.

Woman of Mystery (text): Two women in an office talk about men.

Screwball Sal: Sal is flunking her freshman year. She tries to get a job to get money to hire a tutor, but, as usual, her almost unlimited stupidity causes her to lose the job.

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