Famous Stars

Famous Stars #1

1950, Ziff Davis.

Hobbies of the Stars: Includes Frank Sinatra and four others.

How Shelly Winters Made the Grade: The life of Shelly Winters, told in comic-book panel format. She seems to have played a lot of roles where her character was beaten up, strangled, and so on.

The Unconquered Heart-Brave Susan Peters Does the Impossible: Another story that shows just how much work it takes for a person to get an acting job. She manages to do that and does well, but an accident while hunting leaves her paralyzed from the waist down. She manages to carry on, though, and continue her movie career.

From Obscurity to Stardom: Some examples of what famous stars did before they became famous.

Hollywood's Strangest Screen Test Ava Gardner: An absolutely fascinating story.

The Shirley Temple Story: This isn't the story of Shirley's life but rather focuses on the reasons for her divorce. It's a very well-done analysis.

A Skunk for Hedda: Hedda Hopper was a gossip columnist and some people didn't care for her. One sent her a valentine's box with a skunk in it. Apparently there was a feud between her and Joan Fontaine.

Sister's Divided: This is about the de Haviland sisters who ended up with a feud between them.

Hollywood Quiz: Just as it says.

Then there's a page on Jane Russell.


Famous Stars #3

1950, Ziff-Davis.

The inside front cover notes which stars will be in this issue.

Farley Granger: He is due to visit a women's college. He discusses his past with the school newspaper's representatives.

Underground Girl-Denise Darcel: When she was younger she grew up in Paris at the time that the Nazi's drove into France. She became part of the French resistance. She helped make munitions to use against the Nazis. Then the story goes into what happened after the Nazis were driven from France.

Success Story (text): About the actress Teresa Wright.

Judy Garland's Ordeal: Things don't go well for her and she suffers a nervous breakdown and a suicide attempt after not winning a role in a certain movie.

Alan Ladd: This goes into his past in 1933 when it was hard to get a job. It shows that actors sometimes had to take all sorts of jobs before they became famous. He became an actor only through long hours of very hard work.


Famous Stars #4

1950, Ziff-Davis.

A Tribute to Al Jolsen: He was born in Russia with his mother dying during childbirth. His father, a rabbi, later brought him to the U.S. He wanted to become a singer but his father opposed that, but he still went on to become one. He got his break when he was able to sing a song during a minstrel show performance. He was in blackface and sang Mammy. He ended up starring in one of the first talkie movies ever, The Jazz Singer.

Bob Mitchum: The story goes into how he did a variety of jobs, hopped trains at times, and sort of accidentally ended up getting a role acting which turned into a long career with him doing many pictures.

The Prime Minister and the Chorus Girl: About Winston Churchill and his daughter. She became a chorus girl and an actress but didn't want the a fact that she was Churchill's daughter be used to promote her career.

International Brooklynite (text): The article is about Gene Tierney.

Ella Raines: When Ella was very young she was part of a lumberjack camp and the men all loved her and watched out for her. She even ended up driving a locomotive engine. She eventually became a movie star but never got a big head about it.

Richard Conte: He basically was a young tough but once he saw Tom Mix he decided he wanted to become an actor. He gives advice to would-be actors.


Famous Stars #6

1952, Ziff-Davis.

Gene Kelley: The story of the incredible dancer. He paid more attention to his dancing then his studies, opening a dancing school then leaving that and going to New York. Again very hard work managed to land him various parts and his career took off.

Hedy Lamarr: She had a successful movie career but had great difficulties as far as marriages go.

June Allyson: When she was very young she was in an accident and had to use crutches. She wanted to become a dancer but it seemed she never would be able to. She was determined to overcome her handicap and she did.

Chatter in Hollywood (text): Factual gossip-like material.

Hopalong Cassidy: He became a star and then squandered his money. He got a second chance, though, when he was chosen to play Hopalong Cassidy. Then he bought the rights to the Hopalong Cassidy movies and just about went broke again until the movies started appearing on television.

Gary Cooper's Springtime Mystery: Apparently what he did was take some time off in the spring each year to go to small western towns and listen to the concerns of the common person.

Janet in Wonderland: (Janet Leigh): She more or less got her break by a pure accident. She starred in various movies but never got a big head over her fame.

Fan Club: Is this supposed to be funny?

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