Flying Saucers, Avon Periodicals, 1952

The cover show the approach of the comic; the aliens are the usual monsters. Ross Lanning is an explorer who is in South America. The base camp is hit by a violent storm. Ross gets thrown into a volcano by 'savages'. He ends up responsible for letting the aliens loose. He ends up captured by spies and tortured, but saved by the aliens who have a very interesting story to tell and a purpose to fulfill.

There's two unrelated stories, one funny, one about a mad man and a tiger.

The flying saucer story is good, and puts out the idea that there was a very ancient civilization on Earth that was very advanced (like the mythological Atlantis but more so), and was destroyed by their own actions. One thing I've wondered about, though, is that, if such a thing were true, wouldn't that civilization have launched some satellites that would still be in orbit? Yet none have been detected.

A good comic.

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