Forbidden Planet


The cover makes it look like Robby is evil and is carrying off a beautiful woman. This issue covers the approach of the Earth rescue ship to Altair-4, it's landing, it's meeting with Robby the Robot, and the introduction to Morbius. He tells about how the members of the ship he came in on were literally torn apart by something and how the ship was vaporized by something.

The story ends with Altaira making her appearance.

The adaptation of the movie to the comic is very well done and the illustrations are better than most other comics that are adaptations of some movie.



The cover is the scene from the movie where the tiger attacks Captain Adams and Altaira and he has to destroy it. The issue covers some of Robby's work, including the making of liquor; the growing relationship between the captain and Altaira and the attack on the spaceship. It ends with Adams going through some of Morbius' papers.

If you had never seen the movie you would still know something is going very wrong at this point. For those who have seen the movie it's neat to see how good a job the comic is doing in telling the story.



The cover is the scene from the movie where the creature is attacking the spaceship and the men are holding it off with their guns and the larger energy projectors.

Things get much worse as the monster continues its attacks. Morbius has taken the captain on a tour of a Krell lab and shown him the power source that the Krell used. He's also admitted he doesn't know what happened to wipe all the Krell out almost overnight.

The story by this time has become action-oriented.



Innovation, 1993.

This is the final issue in the series based on the movie. Again it is faithful to the story. The artwork is fairly good, although it's a little too modernistic for my taste. I always have considered it a shame that all that knowledge was lost. It reminds me of the many times in history when libraries have been destroyed on purpose by some religious and/or political group. The Library of Alexandria is one of the most famous examples, and the burning of books was made infamous by Adolph Hitler and the Nazis.

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