Gangsters Can't Win #1

1948, D. S. Publishing Company.

Gerald Chapman, the Evil Genius of Crime: He gets out of Sing Sing prison and immediately goes back to a life of crime. An effective technique of the artist to is to keep adding Death as a character in the panels. His gang pulls off a major robbery. Things go bad when one of them gets drunk and blabs, leaving the other two to be caught by the police and put into prison. Chapman escapes, kills a policeman, gets caught again and this time gets hung.

John Wesley Harden, Killers of the Southwest: He eventually killed thirty-six people. He tried to kill Wild Bill Hickock. He ended up serving time in prison. When he got out, though, he kept to his violent ways and was killed.

The Little Augie-Kid Dropper Feud: This refers to two gangs in New York and their leaders. The two gangs fight like the bigger gangs in Chicago, but they don't last as long. Augie's group wipes out Dropper and his group, but they in turn get wiped out by the police.

Irene Schroeder the Original Bobbed-Hair Bandit: Another youngish woman who took up a life of crime, robbing and killing as she willed. Eventually a posse captures her and her male aide and both of them get the electric chair.

Tip Off (text): One crook had framed another one who went to prison for something he didn't do. The guy gets out of prison and figures out a totally legal way to get even.

Ned Kelly, Australia's Public Enemy #1: Kelly has a major award for his capture and one of his own gang turns him in.

Larry Fay: Fay starts off taking over all the cab business in a city, then he moves on to night clubs, and then on the controlling the delivery of milk. His gang uses violence to cow all the others. He ends up getting killed.

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