House of Hammer

The House of Hammer #1

1976, Warner House.

There's an ad and then a contents page. After that there's an editorial page. The first actual story is Dracula as done by Hammer films. A guy named Harker comes to Dracula's castle and a woman there tells him he needs to get out while he can. Dracula turns Lucy and then later she's staked.Van Helsing is determined to destroy Dracula and works on that.

Christopher Lee: The Man Behind the Monster (text with photos): Factual material. A long article with lots of photos.

Christopher Lee Filmography (text): Factual material.

Media Macabre (text): Factual material.

Captain Kronos (text + photos): Factual review of the movie. This is then followed by a comic-book form of the story.

Horror Around the World (text + photos): Factual material on horror movies in other countries.

Effectively Speaking (text + photos: Factual material on makeup use and so on to make movie monsters.

Drinkers of Blood-Stealers of Souls (text + photos): Factual material.

Van Helsing's Terror Tales-Voodoo Vengeance: A guy that's practicing voodoo calls up the dead so they can kill someone for him. Things don't go the way he planned.


The House of Hammer #2

1976, Warner House.

Ads and an editorial page come first in this issue. Then they go into the black-and-white comic panel coverage of The Curse of Frankenstein. Dr. Frankenstein (who is going to hang in the morning) reviews what led him to that point. The story then goes on to tell how he put the body together.

Media Macabe (text + photos): Factual information.

Film Scene News (text): Factual material.

The Golden Age of Horror (text + photos): Factual material.

To the Devil A Daughter (text + photos): Factual material.

Behind the Scenes at Hammer Studio (text + photos): Factual material.

The Devil's Other Children (text + photos): Factual material.

Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter: The Captain finds and frees Carla and takes her to a convent, not knowing that vampires are there.

Effectively Speaking (text + photos): Factual material.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (text + photos): Factual material.

Horror Around the World (text + photos): Factual material.

Highway of Hell: The Romans are building a road in England and are burning villages that stand in the way. They plan to but down a Druid grove but the Druid warns them not to. The trees will not let themselves be cut down.

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