Skeleton Hand

Skeleton Hand #1

American Comics Group, 1952.

Deathless Mortal: A very old (and not very good) magician has made a pact with evil. He hypnotizes a girl (who had been seeing another guy) to go with him and be his stage assistant. He steals youth from the young to make himself younger while they grow older. The woman's boyfriend gets taken by demons but finds a way to handle the over 300-year-old sorcerer.

The Ghost of Company C: (text)- Some soldiers take refuge in an old castle and find out why the Germans did not use it themselves.

Sea of Retribution: A guy is sent to prison for selling defective steel plates for ships. While in prison the ghost of John Paul Jones comes to him and helps him escape. In the end the guy pays for his crimes.

Chill Chatter: some words from the editors about the new comic.

Death for Hire: A criminal assassin is scheduled to be executed. His former boss employer makes a deal with a professor to get him back-as a zombie. The crook plans to double-cross the professor and the zombie but it doesn't work.

Monster of the Deep: Scylla is the monster in this story. Some communists plan to put phony money into Italy, but the monster stops them.

The Corpse Under the Carpet: A story about a husband that kills his wife and buries her in the house, nailing a carpet over where she lies, and how her spirit haunted the place afterward.


Skeleton Hand #2

1952, American Comics Group.

The Were-serpent of Karnak: A guy and a woman reporter are sent to Egypt to examine a stone snake. The snake holds a woman supposedly dead for 4000 years who awakens (and happens to know that exactly 4000 years have passed). They are caught as foreigners but one thing the were-snake hadn't figured on was the progress of science and it's enough to deal with her.

Horror in the Swamp (text): Never dump a guy out of a plane, steal his money, stay with natives, escape, and enter the jungle. Not the smartest things to do.

The Bat and the Brain: A guy makes a mechanical bat that can be controlled by thought waves. Later the woman sees a large bat-like thing with a skeleton. The creature turns out to be a type of vampire, but the guy handles it.

Chill Chatter (text): Things from the editor.

Tomb of the Unholy Dead: A photographer visits a tomb and is warned that it is cursed. He takes something from its outside and then goes inside where he finds a woman. The woman practiced evil witchcraft in the distant past and she and her followers were put into the tomb on purpose. She plans to use him for her own purposes.

True Ghost Experiences: This is one of those 'ghost appears to get justice' type of things.


Skeleton Hand #3

American Comics Group, 1952.

The Waters of Doom: The story takes place in Mexico at a lake near a volcano. A guy and his sister are flying near the place when they have to make an emergency landing, and another guy goes to their rescue. A monster arises from the lake and grabs the woman. Still, a runaway plane plus one volcano proves too much for the thing from the depths of the lake.

True Ghosts of History: Factual material.

Death and the Maiden (text): Kind of an interesting story.

Terror in Black Hollow: A guy and his wife are on vacation near a building that is purported to house an evil presence. The evil one succumbs to the concept of 'bringing down the house.'

Werepanthers of London: Supposedly true.

True Ghost Experiences: A guy kills a cab driver and gets haunted by him.

Chill Chatter (text): Material from the editors.

The Grave of Doom: A spectral werewolf appears to a woman and tells her it will be her next victim. The woman's husband shows up and the stupid werewolf tells the guy exactly how to destroy one such as it.

True Uncanny Experiences: A woman may have signed a contract to give her soul to the devil.


Skeleton Hand #4

1953, American Comics Groups.

Black Dust: At a dude ranch out west a woman named Betty is watching slim use the lasso. There's a place called Ghost Dance Valley that she wants to see but Slim warns her no one goes there. They stir up some kind of huge dust creature. There's a story behind the existence of the dust, and Slim has to depend on a Native American chief from the past to help him put the dust to rest.

Reunion (text): A woman's husband dies and she mourns him for the rest of her life, getting older and older. Still, things work out well for her in the end.

The Dream Keeper: A guy who considers himself a coward goes to a curio store to buy something to help him develop his courage. Another version of himself appears, but it's evil. The original guy is goaded on by his double and eventually kills someone.

Beyond the Grave: This is about a guy named Eric Collins. He tries to get money out of his uncle but his uncle refuses. A woman he's seeing is greedy and wants him to get her a new car and maybe kill his uncle to get the money. He arranges for his uncle to be killed but instant karma bites him hard.

Chill Chatter (text): Comments from the editors and readers.

Mirror of Doom: An art collection wants a mirror made by Albertus Magnus. The collector buys the mirror but there's a nutjob that wants to use the mirror to raise an army of vicious ghosts. The other guy wants to use it for good. The nutjob doesn't know as much as he thinks he does about the mirror, though.

Horror in Hollywood: A picture is being made and one woman gets the lead, but another woman is jealous and wants the lead for herself. She plans to call up an ancient god of evil and become his bride to get his power and revenge on the other woman. She manages to get the god to appear but doesn't realize what being the bride of Dis means. Dis also learns a harsh lesson of his own.


Skeleton Hand #5

American Comics Group, 1953.

The Rise and Fall of the Bogey Man: Some young boys find something buried in the yard and open it. It contains a genii, but they think it's the Bogey Man. The genii says it exists simply to destroy evil. The Bogey Man kills some crooks but also hurts others since what was evil in his day isn't necessarily evil in our day. The problem is the Bogey Man has to face a woman's perfume and he loses.

The Indian Pipe (text): A modern day Indian steals a peace pipe that belonged to a tribe and was very, very old. There was a warning that people who abused the pipe would suffer, and he finds out just how much they do suffer.

Specters of the Dam: Some business is planning to build a dam that will flood out an entire town. The townspeople aren't very happy to say the least. Neither are the dead. They attack one group of workers at night and kill them. The dam is being built by a guy that hates the town. The dead prove they can be reasoned with after they dispose of the guy planning to build the dam.

Chill Chatter (text): An editor's speak plus letters section.

The Were-fiends of Finland: A Finnish doctor shows an American doctor a Finnish were-creature. The Finnish doctor is trying to devise a serum that can cure the creatures and return them to normal human status. The creatures go after the doctor and kidnap his daughter. The American doctor figures out a way to make them go boom.

The Hidden Horror: A couple is looking for a house but the only one available is haunted and at one time belonged to an evil wizard. The decide to spend one night in the house but the spirit of the evil sorcerer is after them. What he didn't count on was the spirits of the other people he had killed.


Skeleton Hand #6

1953, American Comics Group.

The Medium and the Murderer: A guy goes in to a fortune teller's place. The guy kills her but her spirit returns for its revenge. Imps pull him before the devil where he is put on trial for murder.

It Happened at Midnight (text): A guy had killed his business partner and later gets a note saying he will die at midnight. He learns to beware the cab driver.

Dark Journey: A guy named Roger inherits his father's estate and money and asks for guidance from his uncle who doesn't appear to be very anxious to help him. He goes to see a witch of some sort to help him arrange for Roger's death. He should have thought of the old concept 'be careful what you wish for.'

The Land of Living Myths: A guy has written a book saying many myths are lies. He makes fun of a guy who believes in them and later the guy sends him to a world of living myths. He sees more than he ever believed in.

Terror House: An old man has hired a secretary named Nancy. She's already terrified of strange things happening at the mouse. She's also afraid of the butler, but the butler has plans of his own to end the terror of the house.

Chill Chatter (text): Comments from the editors and the readers.

The Body: Some crooks escaping from a job kill one of their own who is wounded. They stuff him in the trunk and keep hearing thumping from there.

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