Haunted Thrills

Haunted Thrills #11, 1953

A very interesting cover with a blond woman with large breasts held by images of greed, laziness and death.

Blood in the Sky is the first story. The story starts with two guys arguing over a girl they both like. One guy ends up with her and the other, rough guy, ends with with revenge. The woman later dies, and the one guy hires the vengeful one wanting to forget the past and their quarrels. The vengeful guy manages to frame the other one for murder, a murder the vengeful guy committed. The one guy is hung. Suddenly it starts raining blood. A good story.

The second story is Death at the Throttle. Vance Jackson has looted the companies safe and taken everything of value, planning to go to South America (yet, for some reason, he goes to bed in his own home rather than immediately heading south. Very odd.) Vance kills the partner when the partner tries to kill him, then he ends up on a train of dead people. There turns out to be an interesting twist to the story.

The next thing is a short text story entitled The Stranger in the Sky. The story is about a guy on another planet that is dying. He has had dreams of an woman from Earth and plans to take a spaceship to go there. He's opposed by the Science Council, but he has a friend willing to help him.

Dead Man's Chest is the next story. Renfrew is a skipper of a pirate ship. Renfrew talks to a voodoo woman who tells him about a buried treasure. She also tells him the chest is cursed, but he doesn't pay her any attention. He murders men to get the map. He finds out what the curse is the hard way.

Out of the Grave is the next story which is about a cruel Nazi soldier and his equally cruel wife. His wife has a lampshade made out of human skin. (Such things were real.) The colonel has a pair of boots made for him out of human skin. They have a surprise for him, though.

Haunted Thrills #17

Farrell Comics, 1954.

Mirror of Madness: A woman is married and knows her husband is cheating on her but won't divorce him. The guy and his mistress figure out a way to get back at the wife, but what goes around comes around.

Devil's Ballet: Vanya is a ballet dancer and a fickle lover. She causes the death of one guy who wants her but quickly finds another guy to take his place. Her first guy's ghost comes back for revenge, but it doesn't turn out quite as he wanted.

Die Screaming: Sam Dexter keeps seeing himself as Napoleon in mirrors. A psychiatrist gets the guy committed but the guy falls out a window and dies. Others start questioning what the psychiatrist did, not thinking the guy was bad enough to be committed. The story has quite of a twist ending.

Laughing Ghost: (text story). This is a rather funny story about a rich American that wants a Scottish castle disassembled, brought to America and reassembled, but only if the ghost in the castle agrees to come with it. The problem is the ghost likes money. Perhaps that's the answer?

Monster in the Mist: This is about a monster near a Roman camp in England in the modern day. The monster seems to appear from the mist, kill, and then disappear. It turns out the monster is a manifestation of evil, and a guy has to call up the ghosts of Roman soldiers to kill the monster, since only then can actually hurt it.

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