Hollywood Diary #1

1949, Comic Magazine.

Heartless: Madge was originally was a regular reporter but on an interview with a movie star became disillusioned and ended up becoming a gossip columnist, basically, and was quite nasty in her remarks.

At a party she meets Dick Vanley. He makes it clear that he does not care for her methods of writing and wrecking people's careers. She falls for him and he for her. Something happens, though, that turns her against him (again) until other truths are revealed.

Phony Paradise: Out in the boondocks a group puts on a play in a barn. A Hollywood agent picks one guy from the play and has him come to Hollywood for tryouts. The guy writes letters to his girlfriend, but she becomes concerned about what is happening to her boyfriend. She goes to Hollywood and finds out what her boyfriend and a beaver have in common.

I Sold My Soul: A Hollywood director tells a girl in a chorus line that he can get her a place in Hollywood. She stays in his house for weeks while he trains her to become a star. The creep keeps her hypnotized, but she later sees her boyfriend singing and things get worked out.

Change of Heart (text): A girl has a chance to become a star and at first thinks of leaving her boyfriend behind, but then she realizes how slimy some people in Hollywood can be and she changes her mind.

Heart's Crackup: A woman has won a modeling contest and gets to go to Hollywood for six weeks. She gets into a bad marriage and an even worse plane crash.

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