Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes #1

Charlton Publications, 1955.

The Final Curtain: Sherlock Holmes has gone to hear a violinist play, but something has gone wrong with the violinist. The policeman thinks the violinist took his own life, but Holmes disagrees. Holmes figures out exactly how the guy was murdered in a closed room with no one else in the room but the victim.

Love Thy Neighbor: Holmes looks into a case of a guy that might have been murdered but no body has yet been found. The guy was a British diplomat. Holmes has a way to trap the murderer but it will take two months for the evidence to be ready.

Tough Guy (text): The police chase a guy on the road. The crook tries to hide in the swamp, but he underestimates just how nasty a swamp can be. (The story has nothing to do with Sherlock Holmes at all.)

The Star of the East: Holmes is giving a speech at an American university. He gets involved in an investigation over a stolen ruby. Two guys try to jump him later but fail. He finds the thief (who was actually obvious early in the story.)

Dr. Neff, the Original Ghost Breaker: Help is sought of a stage magician to prove a guy who claims to conjure ghosts is really a fake. The guy turns out to be a complete fake and basically a thief.


Sherlock Holmes #2

1956, Charlton Publications.

The Mystery of the Doomed Daredevil: This story is about a newspaper man that gets loads of scoops of accidents happening for one particular reason which should be easy to figure out from probably the first page of the story.

Sherlock Holmes Greatest Challenge: In a cabin in Canada a man is murdered. Again, the perp is pretty obvious from very early on.

Double Dice (text): The story is good but has nothing at all to do with Sherlock Holmes.

The Overseas Smuggling Racket: Some crooks have been smuggling diamonds and Holmes is called in to help on the case. A painting and some buttons are the major clues he finds to solve it.

The Danger Run: This is about trucking where a driver has set it up for the truck to be hijacked in order to make money for himself. Another driver is with him. This happens a couple of more times when the police finally catch them.

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