It Really Happened #11

Visual Edtions Inc, 1947.

It Really Happened Headliners: A listing of the contents of the issue.

The Law Says: A strange Owensboro, Kentucky law.

Inspired Woman: The story of Marie Curie.

They Won Their Spurs: Commander David McCampbell was an air ace in the second world war and was given the Medal of Honor as a result.

Waitin' for the Robert E. Lee: The steamboat race between the boats Robert E. Lee and the Natchez. The Robert E. Lee wins.

Never Walk Again? Glenn Cunningham, a runner. Early in his life there was an accident and it seemed he might never walked again, but he managed to do that and become a great runner.

Lady of the Black Flag: Anne Bonney. She was a female pirate who was captured, escaped, and apparently died at sea.

Sonny Wells' Debt: He and a friend saved a dog who was stuck on a cliff. He did it because a dog had saved his life when he was drowning.

The Newsboy Who Didn't Forget: (text story). The story is about a man who emigrated from Russia as a boy, started a career as a newboy, worked his way up, and set up a foundation to help newsboys, often orphan and/or immigrant kids just starting out.

Robert Burns: Beloved Poet- A Scottish poet.

Lincoln Ellsworth, Hero of the Poles: He was the first man to fly across Antarctica.

A Little Piece of Paper: Newton Watt and Henry Schwartz plan to rob a train. They eventually get caught and sent to prison.

Wild Horse Bob Crosby: A story about a rodeo star.

It Really Happened: About the Titanic and other factual events in history.

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