Land of the Lost #1

1946, Educational Comics.

This is not anything at all to do with the television series Land of the Lost. Apparently the comic is based on a radio program that was on at the time.

The Land of the Lost is quite literally that; it's the place where things that are lost end up. Isabel and Billy are two children that saved one of its inhabitants and are thus allowed to visit the land once a week (hence the once-a-week radio program relationship.)

The fish that live there walk on their fins and wear clothes. There are taxi-crabs to ride on. Hong-fu is a Chinese-looking fish in charge of lost coins. He speaks like the stereotypical Chinese of the time. There also happens to be some kind of a plot against a fish called Red Lantern who is the one who guides the human children down to the Land of the Lost.

The story is really cute with its talking nickels and police-fish and so on.

The Hall of Lost Lamps is the second story. A fish leads Billy and Isabel to the Hall of Lost Lamps. Seems it's Red Lantern's birthday and something special is being set up for him. The lamps can talk. There are, by the way, lots of plays on words in the stories. A Triton shows up who is blind and needs a certain kind of light projected through a piece of amber to cure him. The story is really good.

Mystical Meteorites (text): This is the first part of a story about a scientist who has run out of money, a meteorite found in his yard and given away, and the murder of the guy who received the stone. A strange story for a book that is obviously for young readers.

Desert Dawn: This is factual material about desert life but told in comic book style. It's very well done.

The Picnic in the Dell: A sea spider has kidnapped a sea fairy. The earth children and Kid Squid go to rescue her.

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