Police Lineup #1

1951, Avon Periodicals.

The Lineup: Squint Sheridan is the criminal of the story. He started his criminal career very early. He becomes a major killer but is finally caught by the law and electrocuted.

Killer: A guy acts like he's real nice and fools everybody into thinking he is, but he's really a robber and a killer. He ends up making a mistake with the clothes he wears and gets caught.

Irene Schroeder: She and her crook partner lasted three weeks in crime before they were caught.

Greek Fire to Flame-Thrower: Factual material.

The Diamond of Death: A detective is in his office when a guy shoots at him but is killed by a woman. She explains that the guy is part of a cult that is killing everyone who touched a certain diamond. The two of them are attacked on a plane by another member of the cult. The woman ends up getting a spanking by the detective and for good reason.

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