Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds #5

Literary Enterprises, 1952.

The City That Escaped From Tomorrow: A guy and a woman see a light appear on the street and a bunch of cavemen with futuristic weapons come through. The guy and the woman end up going through the light when they are being shot at by the cavemen. The end up in the past and knock out a caveman and then check his cave which turns out to have many futuristic devices in it. They find the inhabitants of a city that is from the far distant future. The future men retrieve the cavemen and the weapons. There's a problem, though, and that is the guy says that the city people are from Lemuria which, if it existed, died in the past, not the future.

Visitors from Space: This section is about comets.

The Quest of the Chlorophyll Monsters: The Earth is under attack by aliens using special rays. They are using the rays to extract chlorophyll from the Earth's plants. Some men from Earth go there and eventually there is a space battle. The story ends in a win-win scenario for both sides. (Now, of course, we know that humanoid life would not survive on a rogue planet like the aliens have.)

The Man Who Didn't Know Venus (text): A criminal is taken to Venus to be executed. He escapes and steals a short-range ship but his lack of knowledge of Venus leads to his own undoing.

Worlds Apart: A woman feels that she is being watched. A scientist has discovered an atomic world consisting of other humans, and the woman is one of them. He's watching her through a microscope.

Aurora Borealis: A factual explanation of the phenomenon.

Alice in Terrorland: A man brings some Alice in Wonderland toys home to his son and daughter. His son is a brat and wants to take the dolls apart. While the boy is working on the dolls they come alive. The Mad Hatter and the Duchess tell him they are really from another world, and the looking glass is their spaceship. They aren't nice people, though.


Lost Worlds #6

1952, Literary Enterprises Inc.

Men and Fire: A spaceship crew travels to a moon of Saturn which has been converted into a penal colony. The prisoners have revolted. The crew lands on a moon (which has a jungle, of course) and the prisoners are there having obtained some kind of strange powers. The escaped prisoners take hostages but don't consider that the crew has weapons of its own to nullify their powers.

Space Platforms, Way Stations of the Future: Written as speculative fact-oriented material. It hits on some things that became reality, like weather satellites and satellites in general and using a space satellite to study outer space.

Space Race: Manned rocketships race from the Earth to Pluto and back. One ship has a female co-pilot and the crew of another ship think that is bad luck. There is a big gambling crook that has bet against the ship with the woman on board and has a bunch of thugs all over the place to try to stop the ship.

Peace Maker (text): A robotic spaceship involves itself in wars by picking a champion from each side, having them fight, and then destroying the fleet and the homeworld of the loser.

Outlaws of Space: Blaster Raye is the name of a space crook that hits mail carrying spaceships. Space rangers attack the crooks but eventually get blasted. The survive, though, to invade the crooks headquarters.

The First Man to Reach the Moon: In 2021 a rocket is going to take men to the moon. (The rocket is quite small compared to what was actually used, and it's very unusual in stories to have the first moon trip occur that far in the future.) A personal robot one guy has does not want him to go to the moon because the ship has a flaw.

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