Mary Marvel

Mary Marvel #1

December, 1945. Fawcett Publications.

Mary Marvel meets Sivana (The Wickedest Man in the World). She gets her powers from six goddesses: Selena (grace); Hippolyta (strength); Ariadne (skill); Zephyrus (flight); Aurora (beauty), and Minerva (wisdom). It's a very funny story.

Mary Marvel meets Georgia, Sivanna's daughter. Seems his daughter has been living on Venus. It's another funny story about a Mary h2 align repellor device that Georgia has built.

Whippersnappers Sailors. Short, cute jokes.

Mary Marvel-Trouble for Teacher: A hilarious-in-bad-taste type of story about Mary taking over a kindergarten class of hillbillies, basically.

Whipper-Snappers: Short comedic bits. Quite good.

Wildcat Oil: (Text story): A story that doesn't really fit at all with the humorous nature of the other stories. This one is about someone trying to cheat farmers out of oil money from wells he claims are dry but actually aren't.

The Growth Epidemic: Three guys concoct a scheme to make everyone in the city grow large and then make lots of money selling them oversize clothes and huge things of food. Mary solves the problem.


Mary Marvel #2

June, 1946.

The Magic Yarn: Georgia had been sentenced to a reformatory but is no longer there. As is usual, this is a totally absurd, complete fun story about a magic yarn that Georgia makes into a sweater and tricks Mary Batson into wearing. Meanwhile Georgia plans to steal jewels from a visiting princess. She also makes a living hand, an octopus, and a pair of huge scissors.

Tumbleweed Jr. A Native American child drawn in pretty much as racist a style as you can get.

The next story doesn't have a proper title. Mary Batson is visiting a friend of hers in Mississippi. There's a problem with crooks escaping from chain gains. One of the crooks ends up on a showboat doing a performance, and he is dressed in blackface.

The Heart of a Fisherman: (text story). The story has absolutely nothing to do with Mary Marvel and is serious in nature and does not fit the humorous nature of the comic at all.

Curse of the Books: A guy buys a book at an auction and another one wants it and says it's cursed. Later the guy reads an entry about Bluebird and Bluebird seems to come out of the book and attacks him. Mary buys a book about King Arthur and the same crank tells her it's haunted. She's attacked that night by a knight. The real crook is later revealed.

Then there is a one-page entry with two very short humorous panel drawings.

The Mad Poet: Two poets compete. The one who loses attacks the winner. He ends up planning to kill Mary, but she, of course, stops him.

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