EC Comics, 1954.

The first page is an introduction to the new series. v

The Privateer: Spain has become powerful on the seas and is now the target of men who get 'legal' permission from other countries to attack Spanish ships. In other words, they can be legal pirates. The captain gets so successful that he decides to turn pirate totally, but what goes around comes around.

The Mutineers: The captain on a sailing vessel is a very brutal man and seems to enjoy punishing the sailors. One mutiny is put down but matters don't end there.

Harpooned: A first mate is so anxious to become captain that he kills the captain while a whale is being harpooned. He gets the point by the end of the story.

The Challenge (text): A ship's captain wants to test himself against a major story. Never fool with Mother Nature.

Shanghaied: A ships captain has been searching for the man who shanghaied him twelve years previously.

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