Rulah #18

Fox Feature Syndicate, Sept. 1948.

Land of Giants: Rulah is, of course, another of the women of the time drawn with large breasts and wearing basically a bikini. A group is going to the elephant's graveyard and suddenly one of the porters is killed by a huge arrow. Rulah says it was fired by giants. A woman is attacked by a giant snake (an early drawing in the vore variety). A giant then attacks and grabs a woman and takes off with her. They are betrayed by a guy in their own group. The giants are dealt with by breaking pots and leaving them on the ground; the feet of the giants are vulnerable to sharp things (so they die? That is really weird.)

Sweet Sue: Now why would this type of story of a regular girl in a regular city be included in such a comic book. It has absolutely nothing remotely to do with Rulah. The story itself is sort of funny, barely.

Jungle Fables: The first panel shows yet another well-built, sexy woman but in somewhat more clothing than Rulah wears. A two-page story of a white woman about to be sacrificed for stealing something that she didn't really steal.

The Vampire Garden: Another vore-related story where in the first panel a woman is being engulfed by a plant. The garden is run by another large-breasted beautiful and scantily clad white woman. She feeds native women to her plants. There's more vore scenes, including Rulah held upside-down by a plant. In the end Rulah and arsenic take the day.

The Sacred Jewel (text): A woman is hunting a sacred jewel but is able to find something more valuable to her.

The Pigeons of Flame: The first panel is a cat-fight between Rulah and the villainess. Someone has trained pigeons to carry canisters of magnesium to set fire to things. Rulah finds out where the birds are coming from and defeats the villains.

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