Shock Illustrated #1

1955, EC Comics.

This is another in their series that consists of text stories with illustrations.

The Needle: The first story is about a well-built, beautiful young woman who slips guys knock-out drops and steals money from them. She also uses drugs. She's also only 16. Her parents show up and she ends up going through rehab and then through a long session with a psychiatrist.

Switch Party: Some men and women have a party thing set up where the women through their housekeys together, a man is blindfolded and picks a key, and he gets to go with the woman to have sex with her. One woman is particularly attracted to a guy who is nice to her. Her husband attacks the guy and ends up undergoing therapy and finds out why he has treated his wife as he has.

The Jacket: A 19-year-old boy is standing on a ledge. He grew up in a difficult situation and turned to crime. He sees a psychiatrist and ends up committing a serious crime.

None of these stories are that good; they are almost all predictable. The illustrations are good, though. I also think the comic is mistitled; these belong more to a comic dealing with psychology rather than 'shock suspense.'

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