Slave Girl #1

1949, Avon Periodicals.

It's pretty obvious that this is another comic that will rely on large-breasted, beautiful women to get the attention of its readers.

Malu, the Slave Girl: The story starts off with Malu and her protector, Garth, in a coliseum-like structure. The main lion in the drawing either is blind or someone forgot to paint in its eyes. A guy's at a party (present day) and talks to a woman who is wearing a ring he has been looking for. He reads from a scroll and the two see what has happened in the past.

In the past Garth was a spy and was captured. Malu was working in the palace as a servant girl. Both are to be thrown to the lions but they manage to escape. They stop in another city and the king there wants her and plans to keep her and have Garth killed. There's plenty of trouble and a slave revolt. In the end the two move on in their journey.

The Curse of Ahmen Ra (text): Four guys take jewels from a native tomb and flee. Their liner explodes and only the four of them escape in a boat, but the curse awaits all four.

The Bandits of Tal Azmut: Garth and Malu are still journeying towards Ormuz, their home. They stop at an oasis and that's where the bandits attack them. Malu is kidnapped and Garth goes after her along. The bandits pay a heavy price for what they have done.

The Slave Market of Manoch: A bandit in the city sends men out to capture Malu and Garth. They are captured. Eventually it's necessary for her to prove to the king that she is his missing daughter, and that is left for another issue.

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