Sorority Secrets #1

1954, Toby Press.

The Secret: Marcia is a rich, spoiled sorority girl who doesn't like the housemother. She sees the housemother making out with a guy. She uses the knowledge to frighten the housemother and do whatever she wants. The girls like the housemother, though, and don't like Marcia and manage to fix things.

To Win Your Love: Suzie is an expert swimmer at the school. She likes a guy named Warren. The problem is that Warren is nice to her at times, but can be quite rude to here at others. He seems to want a submissive type of woman and, of course, in the end she becomes just that.

The Wrong One: A girl named Lois has a boyfriend and the housemother doesn't like them kissing. The housemother is a total snob. The mother (who wanted her daughter to be in the same sorority she had been in) finds out how cliquish the sorority had become and gives her daughter permission to leave.

The Faint Heart: Paul is a guy who seems to be afraid of girls. Another get makes a bet with Bess that she can't get Paul to kiss her. Bess actually falls in love with Paul but is worried if he finds out about the bet.

Kid Sister: A girl has a boyfriend named Ralph who she brings home to introduce to the family, but is worried her sister, Eve, will go after him. Another guy comforts Marsha and it all works out.

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