Suzie #56

1947, M.L.J. Enterprises.

First story: Suzie wants a swimsuit but doesn't have enough money, so she goes to work in the place selling it. Humorous disaster follows.

Suzie Puzzle Page.

Next story: Suzie goes to work for a screwball inventor. As expected, everything that can go wrong does, and all in humorous fashion.

Next story: Ferdie works as a detective for a woman having a party. Incompetency is his password and a string of funny things happens.

Next is a story starring Katy Keene. Katy has won a pin-up contest and gets to choose some clothes but she can't seem to make up her mind what she wants. Meanwhile her little sister goes to see some movies.

Suzie's Movie Diary: news from Hollywood.

Suzie, the Carpenter: Ferdie and Suzie are to help a guy build a doghouse, paint a floor in a house and wallpaper a room. Total disaster once again and again quite funny.

The next story has Ferdie ending up boxing a champion and running away as fast as he can.


Suzie Comics #60

Archie Comics, December 1947.

Suzie is a blond, long-legged and well-built woman. She has gotten thousands of letters from fans with fashion design contributions. Some of them are used in this issue.

Puzzle Page.

In the next story she gets water splashed on her by a male driver who promises her a date. This gives the strip more chances to display fashions sent in by readers. It's a funny story.

Then there's a one-page ad for Archie comics.

Then there's a funny story about Suzie, a guy and his boss and various accidents.

Then there's a one-page drawing of Suzie in a western outfit. It's done very well.

In the next story Suzie gets a job at a dude ranch and things don't go well for her or her boss.

Suzie's Movie Diary (text): factual bits about Hollywood.

Next is another one-page sketch of Suzie.

The next story is about Suzie's birthday.

Next there's another puzzle page.

The next story is Suzie getting a job as a comic book model and it's another funny story.


Suzie #99

June, 1954, MLJ Enterprises.

The issue starts with a one-page set of two different humorous bits.

Fire Away: one page story about Suzie, a fireplace, and cleaning fluid.

Ferdie in Three O'Clock Jump: Shows just how stupid Ferdie really is.

Beach Peach: Ok, this one doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Ring Master: Suzie buys the contract of a boxer who, it turns out, never wins a fight.

Royal Greeting, etc: Three shorts about Ferdie, showing just how stupid the guy is.

Hat to Hat Chat: Suzie ends up wearing a lamp shade as a hat.

Tee for Three: Another complete disaster for Suzie.

Dates of Old, etc. A couple more ultra-short stories about poor, stupid Ferdie.

Katy Keene: Katy gets a job in a 3-D movie.

Broadway-Hollywood Wire: News from Broadway and Hollywood.

Wishing: a story about a different character named Red. One page sort of funny.

How's Tricks: Ferdie crashes his bike showing off to Suzie.

The Good Old Daze: Suzie and Ferdie have trouble with Suzie's grandmother.

Another fun page.

Profit and Loss: Just when you think you know how stupid Ferdie is, he manages to prove he's even stupider than that.


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