Tomb of Terror #1

Harvey Comics, 1951.

The first page is an introduction to the new comic series.

The Dead Awaken: A woman and a man are out in a canoe but it turns over. They make it to shore but find the body of a man that is an exact duplicate of the first man and with the same identity. The woman starts to run away but trips and hits her head on as rock, killing her. The spirit of his now-dead girlfriend is a ghost and goes to a witch to for help. Spirits come to take the guy back to the lake and to a 'proper' death.

The Thing From the Center of the Earth: Two scientists ignore warnings and work to contact some kind of creature within the Earth. Some kind of monster rises from the ground and starts destroying everything around. The monster, as expected, grabs a girl. The monster's vulnerable spot is some kind of helmet it is wearing.

The Marriage of the Monsters (text): A really sucky take-off on Bride of Frankenstein.

Strange Superstitions: Factual material.

The Little People: The Karnos are puppeteers who are losing their popularity. Some guy comes in with real, minature people and the Karnos get them for their act. The Karnos force the little people to kill each other and they throw their bodies into a fire. The story has a twist ending.

Wax Museum: A guy runs a wax museum that has seen better days, so he figures he can kill people and cover them with was. Karma gets him in the end.

The next page has two short stories.

Weird Facts: Various oddities that have happened like a guy jumping out of a window and his body disappeared on the way to the ground.


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