Captain Video #1

1951, Fawcett Publications.

The Secret of Sun City: Some thug attacks the Captain to get an address of someone else. The guy causes trouble for the professor in the town where he lives. The evil guy knows of a hidden city in Egypt that has remarkable inventions and he kills a lot of men to find out how to get there. Captain Video has some problems but finally stops him.

Dizzy Daisy: One page, not really funny.

Bushwacker Bait (a western): A guy named Rod is attacked as he gets to town and a thug steals his horse. The sheriff can't do anything about it, but when the thug and his gang try to flee the bank they find out the horse reacts to its real owner's whistle and throws one thug off, then stops another from shooting his owner.

Orbital Error (text): A major criminal tries to hijack a spaceship loaded with gold, but the captain out-thinks him.

The Creatures of Doom: Monsters are attacking buildings and causing panic. A mad scientist is making insects grow to huge size. He plans to take over the world and he starts to get some people to work with him, but Captain Video and his helpers figure out how to stop the creep.

Doc Sorebones: Supposedly humorous.

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