Weird Chills #1

1954, Key Publications Inc.

Insane: A wife plan to drive her husband insane in order to get his money. She's also fooling around with another guy at the same time. Turn around is fair play.

Last Supper: A guy's best friend is married to the woman the guy loves and he plans to get rid of him. Never try to kill a mad scientist.

Hallucinations: A strange story of alter-egos slipping off a guy and then splitting off themselves.

The Man Who Never Smiled: A guy is supposed to be rich and lives in a cave. A crook decides to go after the money. The crook gets far more than he expected.

First Come, First Served (text): A neat story about planned murders.

The Gorilla: A newly married couple take an apartment near the zoo. They tour the zoo and the wife thinks the gorilla is a wonderful creature. Needless to say the woman falls under the control of the animal and its keeper.

The stories are better than the average ones in a horror mag and they generally have rather twisted endings.

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