Weird Horrors #1

1952: St. John Publishing Company.

It seems that this comic is trying to physically appear like the EC comics.

The Banshee's Wail (text): This is sort of an odd beginning, having a text story being the first thing in the comic. A guy named William had a wife that died young. She came back as a banshee and wanted him to do certain things related to the family. Another guy inherited the estate eventually, but he knew there was a child of William's from a secret marriage out there somewhere. The story has sort of an unrealistic ending.

The Vampire Fog: The story takes place in 1855 on board a sailing ship. A fog arises and kills all on board except the captain who is picked up by another boat where the same kind of thing starts to happen. The captain of the second ship figures out how to keep his men safe, though.

Horror Grips Drumbouie Hollow: The story takes place somewhere around the Hudson River. An old man is held captive in his own home by counterfeiters who find out crime does not pay.

Dungeon of the Doomed: This is about the Mad Monk of San Cristobal. A guy kills other people and acts like he's some kind of sorcerer or something rather than the fake that he is. I'm sure I've seen this same story in another comic.

Vengeance Shrieks on Shipwreck Shoals: The story is about some guy that's a radio star on crime programs. Some whacko has taken over a lighthouse and is causing ships to sink. He takes some of the women, the prettiest ones, who drowned and covers them in wax to make up a collection.

Werewolves Howl: Another old madman, this time one who has werewolves to do his bidding. A nurse is attacked by has dog repellant on her shoes and it drives the wolves off. She later confronts him after he tries to kill her and several kids.

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