Weird Science #12

Reprinted as issue 1 which is why there are two covers and two different numbers.

Lost in the Microcosm: A guy is telling his story to someone else. He keeps shrinking and shrinking, encountering various other planets with their own lifeforms until he ends up on Earth, tells his tale to someone, and continues to shrink.

Dream of Doom: A guy can't seem to stop dreaming and loses all conception of what is reality and what is dream.

Murder in the 21st Century (text): A jealous guy tries to kill someone who he has seen with his girlfriend.

Experiment in Death: Two scientists kill a dog and bring it back to life, then one of the scientists wants to do the same thing to him so he can see what death is like. Then a major problem arises.

By the Dark of the Moon (text): Never commit a murder during a lunar eclipse.

'Things' from Outer Space: A scientist and his female helper examine a crater and find some metal which was not made on Earth. It's a very predictable story about an alien invasion.

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