Witchcraft #1

1952, Avon Periodicals.

The cover has the typical good-looking-woman with large breasts on it. The first page is a listing of sorts of the stories in the issue.

Heritage of Horror: Julian is an ugly man who wants to paint a beautiful picture. Julian hates a guy who is handsome and married the girl he likes. He paints a picture of the guy getting hit by a car and exactly that happens. He does a painting to make himself handsome and eventually gets married to the woman he's wanted. The woman finds out what he did, though, and takes care of him.

Devil-music: A woman finds some music and plays it on the piano. A man appears and promises her twenty-five years of fame. She finally finds out she signed a deal with the devil. Another woman ends up with the music. (I do have one complaint about this story. It keeps referring to her as 'young,' yet from the first the way she is drawn makes her look like an older woman, definitely not young.)

This Ship is Doomed: A ship that has a captain's daughter on board is said to be doomed. A former captain that died is now a ghost on the ship.

The Story Behind the Cover: (text) Actually it's just a story about a guy calling up a demon and making a deal that goes wrong.

Vengeance of the Ouanga: Bob Grant is a reporter who goes to a French island. He wants to visit Ghost Island but it seems no one wants to take him there. The story of the island is told, including that of the monster. The reporter realizes too late he should not have tempted fate.

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