Worlds of Fear #4

1952, Fawcett Publications.

City of Fearful Night: It's an interesting story. A guy misses his plane so he takes a train. A female figure tells him when to get off, but it's not where he planned. It's a town that is later explained as a midway town between the world of the living and the world of the dead.

Curse of the Werewolf: A hairy guy shows up at a doctor's office. The doctor gives him a transfusion and ends up getting some of the guy's blood in his own body. The doctor also finds out the woman he's in loves has been cheating on him.

Unknown Terror (text): A rather odd story about a gnome and disappearing animals.

The Devil's Prize: A guy goes into an asylum to get out of an embezzlement charge but is tricked by the people that got him put there. He's there permanently now so he makes the typical deal with the devil in order to get even. He starts taking over people's bodies but when he does there's a group of dead beings that want him to join them. He then takes over a third person's body and it's curtains for him.

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