Zegra: Jungle Empress #2

Definitely a cover of the time. October, 1948. Fox Feature Syndicate. A jungle village is attacked, the warning given by a good-looking woman in a bikini. Men on flying carpets are shooting the women of the village (all of whom are good-looking and in bikinis.) An evil guy is behind the plot and Zegra, with the help of a young boy, foils it.

Next story: two deserts from the French Foreign Legion capture one of the village people and Zegra goes to help. She gets knocked out but later is able to get her and the other girl to safety while the thugs are eaten by crocodiles.

Grasp At Any Straw: (text story): A guy is chased by 'savages' in a canoe and manages to escape.

Phara, Living Goddess. Another woman in a bikini-type outfit. Three former Nazis plan to blow up a temple to get some uranium. Phara and a bunch of lions attack the men and defeat them.

Ted Tyler, Ghost Detector: Tyler had an abandoned mine left to him. Some guys overhear it and think they may profit from it. The crooks see a real ghost and run. Tyler meets the town's sheriff, a beautiful woman. Tyler and the sheriff defeat the actual ghost.

Jungle Oddities: short items about specific tribes.

In the jungle 40,000 years ago: They show a nude woman in a cave and refer to the Cro-Magnards (rather than the Cro-Magnon) beings. Other woman are show, obviously topless and beautiful.

Jungle Turnabout: man-like animals and animal-like men: Baboon-men, leopard-men, and apes.

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