Tamagotchi Accessories and Stuff

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* The following pics are scans of my actual items unless otherwise noted *


VCR tape and enclosures (Japanese language)

o Tape box front and back
o Blank book front and back
o Postcards: [1] - [2] - [3] - [4] - [5]
o Stickers: [1] - [2] - [3] - [4] - [5]

Video CD (VCD) (Japanese language) - this is essentially the same as the VCR tape and vice versa

o VCD front and back
o VCD inside and inside of booklet

Mame Game (Tetris-like)

o Game on card o Card front o Card back

Tamagotchi books

o English-language books:
--The Official Tamagotchi care guide and record book!
--Tamagotchi Egg
--Electronic Pet Care
--Virtual Pets

o Japanese books:
--Combination Official Guidebook (Hong Kong version) and Sticker Collection
---- Official Adoption Certificate that came with this Sticker Collection book
--Life Record book
---- Stickers that came with this book
--Tamagotchi: The Book--The First Ever Fully Illustrated Research Report: front dust cover with extra cover at bottom; back dust cover with extra cover at bottom; front dust cover; back dust cover; front of book (if oyajitchi ruled the world!); back of book (same!) [thanks to Twotone for translation of this book title!]

Tamagotchi Bean Pets (these are from the USA)

o All 8 of the 1st Gen. Bean Pets
o Bean Pets closeup
o Most of CM's Tamagotchi Bean Pets hiding out!

Cybies (these are also from the USA and are floppier and plushier than the Bean Pets)

o All 7 of the 2d Gen. Cybies
o A second view of them

Tamagotchi plush squeezie toys (these are from Japan)

Comparison photo:
o CM's plush squeezie mametchi and ginjirotchi with (U.S.) Bean Pet mametchi and ginjirotchi
o CM's plush squeezie toys in the company of Sniffy Stripes and Woody

Transformables (USA - large plush Tam eggs that turn inside out to become cuddly Tams!)

o Green egg (the only one I now have)
o The kutchipatchi jumps out!
o Another view of my cute kutchipatchi

Tamagotchi reuseable stickers - from Japan

o Tonmarutchi o Tongaritchi
o Hashitamatchi o Mimitchi o Pochitchi
o Zukitchi o Hashizotchi o Takotchi
o Kusatchi o Sekitoritchi
o Shiro-babytchi at the bottom of all the packages o Back of packaging

Tamagotchi calendar with stickers - Japan

A collection of *some* of CM's Tam-related stuff

CM's homemade shrine for her Tams and other virtual pets who have gone on (I dismantled this in June 2007. I have saved all the little memorial notes I made, and they are now in a pocket at the back of one of my diaries).

o Front view
o Inside view



* The following are photos grabbed from around the Web of things I own unless otherwise noted *


Tamagotchi plush keychain toys

o Mametchi o Ginjirotchi o Kutchipatchi

Tamagotchi 3-charm keychains (aka keychain fobs)

o Mametchi-Babitchi-Tamatchi
o Skull-Kutchitamatchi-Kutchipatchi

Clothing items

o T-shirt (mine is white and tunic-length!)
o Baseball cap
o Hankies

Stationery items

o Mechanical pencil
o Tin of erasers

Tamagotchi Board Game
        o Second view (photo I took)



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