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Futago tenshi (twin angels)


This is Angie1 and Angie2. They began their evolution as one angelgotchi on Saturday afternoon, Oct. 4, 1997; and went home to Angel City on Monday, Dec. 1, 1997, at age 59 days/years.


Pink and yellow flower vine


As of 8:19am edt, Monday, December 1, 1997, their stats were:


Type futago tenshi
Age 59 days/years (this is artificial,  I feel, as I had to pause them a lot)
Tenshi Power ? (it had gone down when I forgot they were not on pause)
Happiness meter 100%
Hungry hearts 0 full
Confidence hearts 0 full


Blue-purple scroll


My Tamagotchi Angel

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(the U.S. version of Angelgotchi)



A pic of life in the Tamagotchi Afterlife!

Life in the Tamagotchi Afterlife

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Row of sparkles


Here are various pictures of my Japanese Angelgotchi:


Small bunch of purple flowers Pale pearlized blue Japanese Angelgotchi Small bunch of purple flowers




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Several people have been concerned as to what happens to Angelgotchi at the end of their time here with their caretakers. They go on to Angel City (called the Celestial Virtual Home in the English-language Tamagotchi Angel instruction sheet), to assume their duties as full-fledged Angelgotchi, helping little Tam spirits, moving stars around, making snow, etc.! The Japanese angels leave you a note of thanks when they leave. The instruction sheet that comes with the English-language Tamagotchi Angel shows a sign that says, "Bye Bye!" as the final screen. However, when my genjiro-tenshi left, he waved to me sadly, ascended as a point of light into the heavens, then the final screen was an entire sky full of sparkling points of light and stars.


Angelgotchi gone, with thank-you note in window
Professor Banzo and his assistant Mikachu as angels in the little foldout manual that comes with the Japanese Angelgotchi!  >>>
Front picture of Japanese Angelgotchi manual


Blue-purple scroll


A kodo-tenProfessor Banzo and Mikachu in the heavens!An obaketchi-2


Magenta bar


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