My Bobo Panda Byte


This is a memorial to Bobo, my little panda. She was born at 9:57am est on Monday, February 9, 1998 and left this life on Saturday morning, March 7, 1998. My sweet little Bobo...I'll miss you, you cute little thing!


Line of delicate flowersLine of delicate flowers


The picture below is what she looked like Friday night, March 6th, happy and healthy, at a good age of 26! She was never sick a day in her life!


Bobo at age 10


When Bobo grew up she became a character called a Jasper! (all-black body) She tended to roam across the screen and back, so it was very hard to get a good picture of her!



She had a lot of things she could do: exercising (swimming, weight-lifting, playing golf), reading (this raised her IQ), playing with a hula hoop, swinging on a swing, etc.! You also had to dress her appropriately for the weather, take care of the environment in her home, and all kinds of other things! She was able to read at age 2, but didn't start exercising and playing until she reached age 5. She was *so* cute doing these different things!


Bobo watching TV


When I would plunk her down in front of the TV, she would happily watch it until her bedtime at 9pm (TV=pause function). I found out that excessive TV viewing, however, might've caused her to be stubborn and difficult to discipline! She particularly didn't want to take a bath or have her face washed!
She played two different games (shell game and rock-paper-scissors) and ate several foods.What I especially liked was that there was a praise/pet function, in addition to a scold function.



My Diary Read more about Bobo's adventures
in CM's Diary of Virtual Pets from
February 10 through March 8, 1998!



Here are her "baby pictures":


Bobo at age 1 Bobo at age 2
Age 1 Age 2


Bobo at age 5 Bobo at age 9
Age 5 Age 9




As of 9pm est, Friday, March 6, 1998, her stats were:


Age 26 years
Weight 108 kg.
Indoor Temperature 17oC.
Mood 5 hearts
Thirsty 5 hearts
Hungry 5 hearts
IQ 5 hearts



Here is what her case looked like in the packaging, before the fateful rending of plastic from cardboard:

(click on each picture to see it larger)




If you have lost your instructions for Bobo Panda Byte, here are .gifs of (photocopies of) the printed paper that came with it. The files are not too large, byte-wise; but they are kind-of large on the screen (the better to read, my dear!)

Instruction Section 1
Instruction Section 2
Instruction Section 3
Instruction Section 4


Row of purple morning glories





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