It's a Birthday Party for the Caterpillar!!!


A lot of folks have showed up! And they all seem to have brought food with them!



 So let's get those party hats on and get started! Woohoo!



 Before we get to the cake and ice cream, let's dance and play games and have a great time!





Ooo, a present! Click on it to open it!






(oops that was the gag gift!)



Okay, seriously, this is your real gift: is where you are going to enjoy this gift!



Now it's time for the cake! Let's sing Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday tooo yoou
Happy Birthday tooo yoou
Happy Birthday dear Cat'r
Happy Birthday tooo yoou
And many moooore!




Okay, Cat'r, make a wish and blow out the candles!





Time to chow down!



Whew! That was some party!




Hope you had a great time, Cat'r! And I hope your birthday is wonderful and that you have many happy returns of the day!


Hugz 'n' kisses from Mousie!



(oops somehow the guestbook got deleted...sorry!)





I got my T-Shirt Buddy at Shady Hill I got my cake at the Cranberry Corners Bakery The Graphics Cupboard


Created especially for Cat'r on March 20, 2004 by Joanna M. Phillips