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I hatched a Desktop Tamagotchi on Friday, March 6, 1998 at 8:45am est! Boodles was an incredibly cute Tam throughout all the stages of his life! He was such a joy to care for and interact with!

Boodles playing left-right game

At 11:25am est, Monday, March 23, 1998, a Tamagotchi spaceship came to pick up Boodles, leaving his angel behind to comfort me :

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Postcard from Boodles
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Here is the postcard that was supposedly sent by Boodles to me. However, since it doesn't *sound* like him, I figure that someone else on the spaceship dashed it off in his name while Boodles was busy EATING (he did a great deal of this the last couple of days he was here on Earth)!



Left to right: Boodles' stats as of 9:02am est Monday, March 23, 1998; postcards from my first two Tams:


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Line of yellow daisies


These Tams are incredibly cute, with very cute expressions and voices. Here are some different screen shots of Bobby (most are when he was still Blobby) (click on each to see it full-size):

Tama, chowing down!
Yum! Snacktime!
Oops! A poop!
Uh oh! (poop!)
Tama left-right game
Time for play!
Tama shell game
Yoohoo! You found me!

The music for the left-right game and the shell game are *really* cute!


There is a third game, which is full-screen, and is called gotchi ball game (it's brickout!). You and your Tam (in a little flying saucer) must clear the field of meteors and alien eggs in order to win. Gotchi Ball
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Click on each of the following to see it full-size:

Sleeping marutchi Care center Options screen Scrapbook
Time for sleepy-bye! (this is before you turn out the light) There is a care center where you can drop off your Tam for up to 72 hours. There are lots of other options, as you can see by this screen, which you reach through the health meter icon. Here is what the scrapbook looks like.


There is a hilarious introductory cartoon! I won't give it away by putting up any pictures from it. I will only give you the one that I found on the Web:

Tam spaceship approaching Earth

If you even *remotely* like Tamagotchi, you absolutely must get the Tamagotchi CD-ROM! It is the cutest, most entertaining Tam "accessory" yet!

Here are scans of CM's copy of the Tamagotchi CD-ROM that came packaged in a box (the CD-ROM itself is in a crystal case):

Here are scans of CM's second copy of the Tamagotchi CD-ROM, in flat packaging (the CD-ROM itself is inside a slipcase feature of the inside of the package):


Line with a central heart


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