My Gel Pen Collection, Page 1


My Gel Pen Collection

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Purple flowers


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Gelly Roll by Sakura


Basic colours Metallic Dark Metallic
Fluorescent Lightning (silver ink with colour edges) Pastel
Moonlight (glow under black light) Stardust and Dark Stardust (glitter gel) Stardust stickers
Stardust-Nova Pack Stardust-Cosmic Pack Stardust-Quasar Pack Stardust-Package back
Silver Shadow and Gold
Shadow (silver and gold ink with colour edges)
Silver Shadow and Gold
Shadow - Package Backs
(glitter gel)
Shades - each package contains one glitter, one metallic, and one regular pen


These are the most reliable yet colourful of all my gel pens. The metallics are not as heavily metallic as some other brands, which sometimes is a minus and sometimes is a plus.

As you can see, I have duplicates of almost all the pens, sometimes more than two of a colour.


Purple bar




All photos copyright 2002-2008 Joanna M. Phillips | Background, purple bar and buttons from Backgrounds by Marie