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Gel Works by Avery


They came in regular, pastel, metallic, and glitter They also came with little extras: tiny blank books, picture frames, coin purses, etc. The shape and look is very lovely; and a plus is the colour name on the barrel of each pen


The different packets of pens are: Elements (24K, Coal, Patina, Platinum, Cloud); Dream (Purple Haze, Morning Sky, Violet Bliss, Silver Rain, Night Vision); Fiesta (Rosa, Piñata, Pimento [sic], Adobe, Tango); Flirt (Mint Kiss, Sugar Plum, Tickle Pink, Frisky Green, Purple Pout). The two packages of glitter pens are: Frosty (Grapesicle, Snow Angel, Crushed Ice, Lime Sorbet, Arctic Ocean) and Fever (Shocking, Live Wire, Sun Blaze, Pink Sizzle, Hearts 'afire). I adore these pens, but 1) I don't have a second/backup set of any of them; and 2) they are no longer available (aarrgghh!). They write smoothly and come in some really gorgeous and unusual colours!



Gel Xtreme by Yasutomo

These pens come in Metallic Rollers and Pastel Rollers. They are lovely! They flow smoothly, and the metallic is a high-sheen metallic. I love these pens!

Staedtler Gel Roller pens

These come in metallic gel roller and pastel gel roller. They are just about the finest gel pens I have ever used! A friend in Canada sent them to me as a present. Unfortunately, they seem to be in short supply, if not totally non-existent anymore.



The Glories of Milky Gel and other wonderful Pentel pens!

These are: Metallic Gel Roller, Milky Gel Roller, Milky
Lunar Gel Roller, Hybrid Gel Roller, and Sunburst!

The original Milky Gels tended to be faint and watery sometimes;
but that has been corrected/made more vibrant with the Milky
Lunar pens! I seem to use the Metallic pens quite a lot for
Yuletide cards!

[NOTE: As of July 21, 2008 I have sold my Milky Gel Roller and Milky Lunar Gel Roller pens]



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