Happy Halloween

Welcome to The Mouse House Halloween 2006!



Happy Halloween Halloween for Young and Older

Corner of my eye
What is that I spy?
Little goblins sweet
Crying, "Trick or treat!"
Scurry house to house
Like a little mouse
Candies, apples claim
Home to take again.

Dress up in disguise
From the ghosts to hide
Tempting fate and laugh
Broom and wizard's staff
Spooky time of year
Facing what we fear
Party, laugh, and play
Live another day!

Come and join the fun--
Halloween's begun!


--fleur   30.ix.06

Trick or Treat




Be prepared for all manner of weirdness! hehehehehe!



Happy Halloween!



Help! My insides keep flashing!
from Elf Expressions from Angel of the Forest from Elf Expressions






Witch's Advice

Make time to get together with the girls and go out at night
Dance when you feel like it
Black looks good on EVERYONE
Get a Cat
Kick back and enjoy some brew every now and then
Don't ever let anyone tell you that you are too old for Halloween



Happy Fall from the little mouse witch



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