~*~ Our Handfasting Photos  ~*~


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As the quarters are
Priestess with handfasting cord (Cat'r and I made this cord together) Binding us together
We exchange our vows After it was slipped off by Priestess
Priestess with our rings We (re)bless/charge and exchange our rings
Sealed with a kiss! Our rings My bouquet
Priestess lights our individual candles; we light the unity candle together
Our candles
Cat'r pours the Martinelli's sparkling cider We cut the cake The altar afterwards
  My "something blue" :-P  





I wear your ring Now & forever





~~ Our Dance of Love ~~





Art by Josephine Wall
Graphics by Tineke's Kattensite


Photographs  by  Waco Tohausen  and  also Joanna M. Phillips and  copyright ©  by same 2005-2015 | Moon dolls from Wings of Love and Light | Blinkies from  Pinky Blinkies