My Hitorikko Chicken


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This was Spike, my "only child" chicken (well, that's what the box said):




He was hatched in the early afternoon of Monday, Sept. 8, 1997; and died on Tuesday, Sept. 16, 1997 at 1:50pm edt. It was rather sudden. One minute he was fine. Then I heard a little "dee-doo-dee-doo-dee-doo" musical sound. I looked, and Spike was a round cherubic face with a little halo over it and wings at the side. I can't show you that, because when I was trying to see which buttons worked, I hit B (the second from the left), and it started a new egg going! ::sigh:: I don't intend to raise another Hitorikko right now, so I put the tab back in and deactivated it. Bye-bye, little Spike!


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Well *I* was surprised. On all three days prior to his 3d birthday, my Hitorikko chicken *looked* like a baby chick. On his 3d birthday he turned into---a Tamagotchi mametchi clone! (with one white ear) I still loved Spike...but I felt like I'd contributed to the rip-off of Bandai :-/


Hitorikko at age 0Hitorikko at age 1Hitorikko at age 2


As of 1:45pm edt, Tuesday, Sept. 16, 1997, his stats were:


Age 8 years old
Weight 52 kg.
Reading 100%
Food 100%
Happiness 100%


Odds and ends: Hitorikko played the "Happy Birthday" melody when he transformed into his next stage of development; he played little musical sounds when he needed you to clean up poop or turn out the light when he went to sleep at night (which was consistently 9pm). He looked incredibly *cute* at age 2 when you played either of the games with him--he looked REALLY happy when you got a right answer! :-)


CM's Diary Click on the Diary icon to read
more about Spike's life on Earth,
beginning Sept. 8, 1997.


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Here is what the box that Spike arrived in looks like!

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