This was my cute little

Komputer Koala


A pic of my Komputer Koala in his case


Teddy was born on Saturday, December 6, 1997 at 7:28pm est and passed out of this life on Tuesday, February 17, 1998, at 7:15am.

I don't have a picture of his cute little angel self because I was pushing the buttons to see his final stats (like you can with a Tamagotchi). It reset him, so I put the tab back in. I don't want to raise another koala just now...Bye-bye, little Teddy!


Row of flowers


As of 9:45pm est, Monday, Feb. 16, 1998, his stats were:


Age 72 years old
Weight 98 lbs.
Health 94
Happiness 100
Hunger 86
Discipline 98
Score 94



Diamond bar


He had pretty active days! He liked to walk around


Flowers and greenery Little koala walking around Flowers and greenery

Patch of green grass


He loved to climb and play



Little koala climbing a tree



And of course he liked to eat!


Tree Little koala drinking milk Tree


These are the foods he ate


Milk and leaves


He needed a bath everyday to smell nice and stay healthy


Flowers and greenery Little koala in the bathtub! Flowers and greenery
Patch of green grass


When he got tired and cranky it usually meant he needed a nap



Little koala sleeping in a tree


All in all, he was a cheery little fellow and great company.
I will miss him greatly!


Hot pink marble bar


Here is what Teddy's case looked like on the card;

Here is the card front | And here is the card back


Hot pink marble bar


My Diary Read more about Teddy's adventures in CM's
Diary of Virtual Pets, from December 7, 1997
through February 17, 1998!


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