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Lilly at Yuletide



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Piano Xylophone Coffee table Lilly's dollhouse   Lilly, all dressed up for Yule!


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Line of mittens



  It's that time of year! Lilly and I decorated the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. We have been spending a lot of time in the solarium: Lilly has lots of games to play with (including other toys she brings in from her room. She always puts them away each night, though, like a good mousegirl).

Also, she's been playing around on the piano: I think she has natural talent! When I play, she likes to play along on her xylophone. We make quite a team! Other times she plays quietly while I am sewing or knitting (I knit mittens for poor mousechildren).

She also likes using my computer! We have lots of nice children's games and educational programs for her. One of her very favourites is the storybook-on-CD-ROM, "If You Give A Mouse a Cookie" ! I have to admit, I really enjoy it too!

Anyway, we're hoping for snow for Yuletide...and Lilly will be using her telescope to spy for Santa! This is a wonderful time of year to spend with a little mousechild!

I was fortunate enough to adopt Lilly on Friday, June 20th, 1997. She has been such a joy to have around! Below is a copy of her birth certificate:


Lilly's birth certificate

Birth Certificate #11


Please do not mousenap my little girl! The kind people at the Mousepad Orphanage would be only too happy to help you with the adoption of your very own little mouse orphan.


I 'Decked my Halls' at the Mousepad!


Line of holly


~~ A Mouse House Christmas! ~~


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