This was my "friendly little dinosaur", Billie Jean...and this is a memorial to her:

Adult triceratops As of Monday, July 14, 1997 she was 10 years old, weighed 127 kg., was an A+ student, and was almost always happy and healthy.

When she was 1 year old, she looked like this: Baby Dinokun

Baby Dinokun sleeping That night when she went to sleep, she looked so little and sweet.

But of course she was a growing young dinosaur!

She needed to drink a lot: Baby Dinokun drinking

Various foods for a Dinokun And she loved all kinds of foods, except meat!

Even ramen! Eating noodles with chopsticks!

Dinokun studying She liked to study and was an A+ student!

Here is how I checked to see how she was doing: Status meter for Dinokun

Bat-form/dragon-form of Dinokun But when I woke up on Tuesday, July 15th, I found that she looked like this.

She had transformed into a fiercesome dragon (good luck and protection). (This is one of two "secret characters" Dinokun can turn into (randomly) if you've taken really good care of them, and it gives them an extra day of life). The only thing the buttons would let me do at this point was check her stats, which said she was 11 years old, weighed 127 kg., was a bit too warm, was somewhat hungry and thirsty, was mostly happy, and was of course an A+ student.

At 9am on Wednesday, July 16th Billie Jean died Poor little dead Dinokun

Her final stats are: 12 years old, 127 kg., 1/2 hungry, 1/2 thirsty, environment 31oC., A+ student, mostly happy.

Things she got to do while she was here: go to the movies (she saw "Men in Black"!); go for walks at sunset and also in the morning; listen to lots of music and dance too; I sang to her a lot, petted her a lot, and played rock-paper-scissors with her even when she didn't really "need" to play...I miss her. She was such a sweet-natured, cute little thing. Bye-bye, my little sweetie! I love you!

Basket of sunflowers

Billie Jean, you always brought sunshine into my life...


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Thin rainbow line


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