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Click on the items below to see photos (these are/were my actual
Tams, scanned and/or photographed here at home):





Line of Gen1 Tamas!





A line of DigiMon!



Three osutchi-mesutchi couples



Sea and islands




Below is a list of all the other Tams I owned until June 2007 and beyond, at which point
I cut my collection to a fraction of what it was. I am keeping all these pictures up for historical purposes. Each page links to their pictures (scanned here at home):


  • Page 1  US Tam1's (P1), 1st generation of colours (except for the lime green one, which was from Canada)--you can see a mame-chi hiding behind the sticker on the rodamine red one! It's Georgia O'Peep, having her picture taken!

  • Page 2  US Tam1's (P1), 2d generation of colours

  • Page 3  US Tam1's (P1), 2d generation of colours - variants

  • Page 4  US Tam1's (P1), 3d generation of colours (these came out about 6 months later than the other Tam1's, after Tam2's had already been out for some time)

  • Page 5  US Tam2's (P2), 1st generation of colours

  • Page 6  US Tam2's (P2), 2d generation of colours

  • Page 7  US Tam2's (P2), 3d generation of colours

  • Page 8  US Tam2's (P2), 4th generation of colours

  • Page 9  US Gold Tam2's (P2) from Toys R Us - the first one, without the logo, was the one I received before Christmas 1997 via a presell ticket; the second one, with the logo, was found January 1998 in a large bin at Toys R Us.

  • Page 10  My (small) collection of DigiMon (US)

  • Page 11  Tamagotchi Angels (US)


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